Why wood windows?

I discovered this excerpt: “The century of magnificent awareness preceding the Civil War was the age of wood. Wood was not accepted simply as the material for building a new nation – it was inspiration.  Gentle to touch, exquisite to contemplate, tractable in creative hands, stronger by weight than iron, wood was, as William Penn had said, ‘a substance with a soul.’  It spanned rivers for man; it built his home and heated it in the winter; man walked on wood, slept in it, sat on wooden chairs at wooden tables, drank and ate the fruits of trees from wooden cups and dishes.  From cradle of wood to coffin of wood, the life of man was encircled by it.”
Eric Sloane
A Reverence for Wood

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Shop Remodel

I had a few extra minuets last week so I decided to remodel part of the shop. It makes the plain steel building look a little more like a wood shop, or Frontier Land depending on who you ask.

wall with window and door

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Window of the Week

If you would like to sign up for the Window of the Week Letter, where I pick one of that week’s projects, tell its story, and send it all together in a nice E-mail. Please Let me know and I will add you to the list.

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Bay Window

bay ext

This is an example of a bay window with “prarie style” SDL. It has a fixed sash in the center, flanked by double hungs at forty five degrees.

bay in


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I make stile and rail doors, with joined by pinned mortise and tenon. I prefer to pin the joint with a wood dowel all the way through the stile at the mortise to make the strongest joint possible. This method also makes for a rather unique look, a look that may not be suitable on all projects.

french doors

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Glazing to the Outside

All of my insulated sashes are glaszed to the outside, meaning the glass is installed from the inside and stoped by a decorative nailed in glazing bead. proponets of the contrary interior glazing say they do so because if water gets it has the chance to drain out under the glazing bead. I say just don’t allow water in to begin with. Another benifit to my system is it allows for many interior profile options.

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Hinged Windows

Push out, and crank out awning, and casement windows, as well as in swing casements, and tilt in hoppers, all fall into the category of hinged windows, whose only functional difference is hinge placement.

casement and awning

Like hung windows, hinged windows employ weather striping on the sash and the jamb.

mulled casement

The push out styles, with a friction hinge, were designed to look traditional. Crank out casements and awnings offer the convenience of ease of opening and closing.

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